Size matters

Today we did the science activity “Size Matters”. We got split into groups with 5G. My group did Mars. The size was 1.5cm not to scale. The real diameter was 6,780 km.

Then we went outside and used the oval as the solar system. We put all of the planets in order from the sun.


Thursday 29th of October: This morning we had Mrs. Montgomery talk to us about how to be a leader. She showed us a PowerPoint with dot points about how to be a leader.

• You need to listen to everyone.

• You need trust your friends/colleagues.

• You need to have a sense of humour.

• You need to work with everyone.

I asked Mrs. Montgomery what qualifications you need to be a principal?



I once saw a panda,
When I was slepping in my camper.
I thought it was a bear,
With black and white hair.
It started to eat bamboo,
Which sounded like a cockatoo.
The panda was wearing a suit and tie,
That could make anybody cry.
Pandas are mad,
And totally rad.

Blogging guidelines

What are APPS guidelines on blogging?
Internet safety is highly important to Apollo Parkways Primary School. These guidelines have been established to ensure students learn about appropriate online behaviours through a ‘real’ and engaging experience.
Here are the blogging guidelines at A.P.P.S
*All blogs will be password protected, meaning that you need a username and password to add/edit any information on the blog.
*Students will only be identified by their first name.
*Posts written by students are checked by the classroom teacher before they are published on the blog.
*Posts will not include personal details about students such as addresses and family information.
*All comments submitted have to be approved by the classroom teacher before they are included on the blog.
*There will be no individual photos of students.
*Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child.
*Blogs will only be updated by students at school during school times.
*All students must abide by the blogging rules that are established as a class.

How do I make a quality comment?
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